Here in my hometown, the stress of staying at home is unknown.

Being ordered to stay home, maybe, we’re an unruly lot, but we are homebodies by nature.  The entire reason we choose the isolation of the mountains, forests, vast open valleys and wild, scenic landscapes is to cultivate the peace of mind that only comes from distancing.  I

It’s not that we are incapable of socializing, we just prefer it on our own terms rather than having it foisted upon us by convention or obligation.  Some of us prefer the company of our dogs and horses, so our friends are dog and horse owners. Some of us enjoy the speed, thrill and challenge of an almost vertical downhill run on skis or mountain bikes.  There is an ever growing community of outdoor adventurers to more than fill our dance cards.

As for me, my passion is taking in all the sights and sounds from My Front Porch.  It’s the gentle hum and buzz of small town life, the engagement of community on a first name basis.  My business is my social life, my clients are my friends and neighbors.

My commute is a ten minute winding drive, across rushing streams, through verdant meadows dotted with grazing cattle overlooked by soaring snow capped mountain peaks.

This tiny distant town at the heart of the Lost Sierra is my home.

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