Whether your traditional observance of Memorial Day is as tribute to those who who have died during or after military service or as the official opening weekend of summer, there is no reason not to accommodate both.  At 3pm local time every Memorial Day a nationally declared “Moment of Remembrance” is observed.  Just a quiet moment of reflection, a very personal tribute to those in your life who did their bit to pave the way.

In Graeagle more than a few family and friends will remember

Harvey West, Jr.

Harvey West, Jr.

October 18, 1922-April 26, 2011


After serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II, Harvey West, Jr., with great financial and personal attachment, breathed life into the abandoned ghost town that was Graeagle, California and established forever a welcoming community, accessible to all, solely for the enjoyment and preservation of the wondrous beauty of our mountain way of life.

While times have definitely changed, it seems that the appreciation of nature and outdoor recreation is enjoying a millennial resurgence.  I honestly believe that Harvey West, Jr. saw that coming and dedicated his life to that prospect.

A lifetime is a brief and passing experience.

The Gift of a Lifetime is our most precious inheritance.


So on this Monday, May 28, at 3pm, on My Front Porch, I will be remembering you,

my dear father in law. 

Your legacy carries on.


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