Super Blue Blood Moon Over Graeagle Tonight




Moon over the Millpond

The name says it all, with emphasis on each word. No this isn’t a glorious moon for just the patrician class or members of the DAR…

it’s all inclusive and the first major earth centered cosmic event of 2018. Let’s break it down into its four distinct features.


When the moon’s orbit trajectory brings it closest to the earth, thus “super sizing” its appearance to the observer.


The second full moon to appear in a calendar month.  This is a relatively rare occurrence thus fostering the phrase, “Once in a blue moon”.


As in the color of when the moon appears to be a reddish color due to its proximity to earth.


The object of all this fuss.


Not since Andrew Johnson was President, the second dome on the U.S. Capitol was completed and Jesse James completed his first robbery will the skies experience an event like this. – Fox News

What does all this mean for Graeagle?

For the answer to this question, let’s turn to our resident star gazer and full moon expert, Lyle.


Me?  Oh my gosh, I thought you’d never ask!  Oh yes, as you know, I’m observant of all full moons (it’s in my DNA) and I can assure you that this one will be a top notch howler.  Even a Dorkie* like me can belt one out with the big guys and I’ll make sure my Mom, Leah, gets the full on alert in time to join me and carry me out under the starlit Graeagle sky for such a rare and special occasion. That’s what cold noses were made for, getting sleepy humans out of bed.  If that doesn’t work, well out come the squeaky toys.  I do a great rendition of the William Tell Overture on Squeaky Squirrel.  No worries, I’ll make sure she doesn’t miss this.
I’ll bet plenty of my friends around town will be out with their cameras as well.  It would be SUPER if they would post their best view here on our Facebook page.  
Now time for a Super Blue Blood Moon disco nap.
*A miniature cross breed between Dachshund and Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkshire Terrier

This spectacular event will be observable over Graeagle in the wee hours of early Wednesday morning. Consult “Google” for the exact times.

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