Every Day is a Dog Day of Summer in Graeagle

It’s a mark of our improved sensibilities that dogs are welcome in many more public places than used to be the case.   Pups of every size and breed can be seen alongside their humans in just about any place a human can roam freely, this is especially evident in summer and even more so in Graeagle.

At a recent Arts and Crafts festival, a summer staple in Graeagle Park, I had the chance to speak with some visitors and regulars of the four-legged persuasion (I was born in Canada, therefore I speak Canine).  Here is what they had to say about their Graeagle experience:


What? You can hear me?  Oh, you must be from Canada, nice to meet you. Graeagle is my absolute favorite place to take my human.  There are so many fun things to keep her occupied so I get a chance to do some nosing around at a leisurely pace. “Slow down!”, I’m always telling her, “Relax!”, but no amount of obedience training seems to affect her like an outing in Graeagle. When we get back home, she’s pretty mellow for a couple of days, but then…  Well, I’m just glad to be here. Thanks for asking.


Graeagle? I might be just out of my puppy chews, but I can tell you a thing or two about Graeagle.  You don’t have to be the most intelligent breed (like me) to know that for any dog, Graeagle is the funnest spot on earth.  The humans here are so nice. Guess it’s all that mountain fresh air and sunshine, personally I just can’t get enough of it.  Now you’ll have to excuse me while I give my human a bit of exercise running after that SQUIRREL!


Oh, it’s no bother, I’d be glad to share my profound knowledge of Graeagle with the uninitiated. My meditation techniques are so well developed, I am able to conduct a meaningful conversation while maintaining my absolute inner stillness. Indeed, Graeagle is my mindfulness training ground. Who wouldn’t be capable of divine transcendence when surrounded by such stunning natural beauty. Namaste.


I’m practicing my biggest smile, can you tell?  I’m smiling because after this nice walk in the park, I’ll be taking my human over to the Millpond where I plan to give him the the sensory experience of Wet Dog! Graeagle is the only place where my human seems capable of appreciating such olfactory joy. His reactions are priceless, especially right after I’ve been to the groomer.


No matter what direction I turn there’s something new and interesting to experience in Graeagle. I just wish my human would catch on to this leash walking thing. He’s always tugging in the wrong direction (sigh).


Graeagle: Long walks, ice cold mountain streams, naps, all you can eat hotdogs over there…


How do you like my Groucho Marx impression?  You bet your life, Graeagle is the “Gift of a Lifetime”.  What’s the secret word? Graeagle of course! Can I go see the ducks now?

mini dox

Darling, sweetie, did anyone mention SHOPPING!?  Graeagle is Absolutely Fabulous!!!

End of interview.

Come on over to My Front Porch. Belly rubs for all!



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