Santa’s Secret


So many things have changed since 1947 when little Natalie Wood learned first hand about the wonderful Christmas custom known as suspension of disbelief.

Six decades later almost anything is believable, it’s a function of viral videos and who gets the most airtime.  For eleven months of the year we are bombarded with newscasts, documentaries and Ted Talks, all broadcasting with the aim of convincing us what we should believe. Surveys, polls, new evidence, facts, studies in the name of Science, Logic, Faith argue incessantly with one another day after day.  The roar of self-righteousness has become ubiquitous, ambient sound.

But a few days after we sit down to share thanks with those who matter most, something quieting and settling occurs, almost like the first snowfall of the year, muffling all the discord and revealing underneath what is usually drown out in our loud if not brave new world, the faint jingle of sleigh bells. Santa is on his way.

Enter the season of renewed wonder.

Here on my front porch the air is crisp and clean, so cold in the morning that it causes a spontaneous, solitary tear to roll down my cheek. The sky is brilliant blue. The branches of our enormous pines bow to the beauty of their new snowy white adornment, almost playfully sprinkling a sparkling shower of fairy dust on the fortunate pedestrian below. It’s easy to laugh and greet a fellow traveler when you’ve just been anointed by a Ponderosa Pine, this is how even the trees join in the celebration and spread the joy.

A Graeagle Christmas is like all the best Christmases you’ve ever experienced or imagined, the kind of Christmas that goes with any tradition.  The setting is a no-brainer, snow, mountains, pine trees, wispy smoke from cabin chimneys where a crackling fire warms within…just add a judicious string of lights (well maybe not so judicious) and let the caroling begin!

This year’s festivities begin this coming Saturday, December 5, in downtown Graeagle where every child’s dream comes true and disappointment is not an option.  Traditional wonders include:

Christmas flyer

So the secret is out, and you don’t have to take my word for it, come see for yourself.  







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