Is Graeagle Becoming a Ghost Town?

Gift of Lifetime Dead

After numerous consultations with my most trusted astrologers, magicians and bartenders, I must concede that the rumors are true.

astrologers prediction


The day of the dreaded daunting haunting will occur this year precisely on Saturday, October 31, and will completely render our little town possessed.


But don’t despair! My consultants point out that the influx of ghouls and goblins will be of a festive nature as their wanton appetites are sated with offerings of sweets and diversions provided by our local merchants.  In other words, we’ve got you covered.


TRICK OR TREAT In Downtown Graeagle

In Downtown Graeagle

Saturday October 31,during the official “witching hours” of 4-6 pm. Hosted by The Graeagle Merchants Association (visit them on Facebook)


If you just can’t contain yourself and your little ghoulies until 4:00, drive on out to Lil’ Meg’s Pumpkin Patch at Whittemore Farms (open from 10am-4pm) where children are encouraged to come in costume for a run through the corn maze and pumpkin patch.  Lil’ Megs also offers delicious home baked goodies for all ages. 4118 Segundo Road in Sierra Valley off A-23.

Then jump on your brooms and fly on over to to the annual “Trunk or Treat” (I’d choose the Treat if I were you.) at The Graeagle Community Church parking lot from 2-4pm.  150 Johnsville Road, Graeagle.

Join Trevor at Indian Peak Vineyards for a bit of post apocalyptic relief at Spooky Saturday featuring live music by Danny Horton from 6-9pm behind the park in the old preschool, downtown Graeagle.


Then at the stroke of 2am, Sunday morning, the greatest sorcery of all takes place:


time machine

An hour completely disappears! taking with it all the spirits of that dimension we call “supernatural”. 

Not bad for a small town act.




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