After Burn

This post is definitely not about Burning Man.  If I hear the words, “Burning Man“, one more time I’m going to set my hair on fire.  Yes, the man is burned. Yes, everywhere you look there are cars, buses, trucks, RV’s coated in Blackrock City Playa dust.

Yes, if you see someone who looks like this in the Reno Barnes and Noble,

burning man girl

you can bet they’ve done their time this year in the desert and for some reason don’t have a change of clothes to go with all that disposable income.  Burning Man is a brand, a trademark, a badge of something or other. But you definitely won’t get any scoop on Burning Man here. The only reason I’ve just referred to Burning Man so many times is because it’s a hot trending topic and hot trending topics get views and likes and such.  I have never grasped the concept of  “Content Marketing”,  but like everyone else on the planet I do like attention.  So now that I’ve got my “keywords”, and “search terms” in place I’ll continue with my actual post which is actually about nothing in particular…

Fall Cleaning


“Everything I write has a precedent in truth” – Ian Fleming 

Heading into Year # 3! of Leah’s Front Porch

Summer is showing signs of waning, chilly mornings, the restless rustling of leaves. School is back in session.  Time to clean out the drawers, empty the bins, sweep out the cobwebs of ideas that never quite took shape.  This will therefore be a posting of no shape, no particular topic, just musings.

On Philosophy and Life in General

Sometimes I feel that whatever I’m doing I’m just putting off doing something else. Procrastination is the way to get stuff done, not the stuff you think you should be doing, but everything else.

Everything I say is just a rearrangement of words already spoken.

Does a wistful expression indicate some deeper awareness or is it just the way you look when you don’t have a clue?

If you think you can control your thoughts, try getting a bad pop song unstuck from your head in less than one day.
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
“When was the last time you flossed?” is the adult version of “Did you wash behind your ears?”  scolding
I still think Madonna had it nailed when she said, “Rejection is the greatest aphrodisiac.”

On the Entertainment Industry

Why does everyone in old movies say, “Why I ought’a…” but they never say what?Why I oughta
Is it my imagination, or has projectile vomiting replaced on cue weeping in method acting school?
Can someone on screen just take a bath without the mandatory plunge under water close up of their face?  Or in lieu of that, can a disembodied hand suddenly appear and hold them under water while we watch them drown?bathtub
Remember when you had to wait for TV to start?  And just what was it that magically fixed the horizontal and the vertical hold by twisting those knobs?TV-RCA_Indian_Head_test_pattern
What was up with all the early programming puppet shows? I mean it was so medieval…Punch and Judy…but it was TV for heavens sake!?
All my friends swooned over Flash Gordon, but I secretly had a crush on Ming the Merciless. I’ve always had a thing for powerful men with lots of bling and death rays.ming bling


There! Cobwebs of my mind swept clean. Up in smoke. Kind of like at Burning Man.thats all folks

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