A Toast to Graeagle

Both of my daughters now live in San Francisco. They are forging their way through the wilderness of adulthood armed with the confidence and good sense they got by growing up country girls.  They make me proud.

San Francisco is one of my favorite places to visit, a place of incomparable beauty and history, a place to get a taste of … well, just about anything you can imagine and more.  My daughters are experiencing a San Francisco that  like all of its previous incarnations is testing the limits of the sublime to the ridiculous, but this time The City by the Bay is doing it with three commas (  ,  ,  ,   ) as in $billions, a concept I learned from a recent episode of the TV series Silicon Valley. The latest Tech Crunch is like nothing ever witnessed, even by San Francisco standards.  Just to have a little fun at San Francisco’s expense (they can afford it), I worked up a little meme comparing lifestyle elements in San Francisco to everyday life in Graeagle. Here goes…

San Francisco:  Artisanal Toast                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Artisanal Toast 2

















Graeagle: Toast











San Francisco: Indoor Miniature Golf Super Complex                                                                            

  Artisanal golf                                                                                       








 Graeagle: Outdoor Classic Miniature Golf + A Great Selection of Real Golf Courses

My favorite summer pass time


















San Francisco: Hipsters







Graeagle: Hipsters







San Francisco: Bay to Breakers

bay to breakers











Graeagle/Sierra Valley: Tour de Manuretour de manure cows

tour de manure















San Francisco:Wild Nightlife
Graeagle: Wildlife at Night








San Francisco: Studio Apartments for $2000/month
Studio Apartment

Graeagle: Homes
Gift of Lifetime 023





San Francisco: A Great Place to Visit…But as for My Heart, You’ll Find It Right Here on My Front Porch.

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