Oh dear, it’s happened again, time has escaped me. A minute ago it was 2014, and now I’m gathering up receipts and closing the books of that very enjoyable year spent getting to know you on My Front Porch. Is it too late to say,

“Happy New Year”?

The lurch  I felt when I realized that the first month of this new 2015 year is almost over, started me thinking about the nature of Time and what time means to me. The first thing I realized was how time forms the basis of almost all of our experience. Here are some examples:
As a Shadow
Probably the earliest, and therefore most accurate representation of the passage of time, referencing time’s fundamental non existence… a shadow, a ghost, an illusion.
As Movement
Yes, as we all agree, time moves…relentlessly, some would say. There is no better depiction of the movement of time than  the hourglass.
time hour-glass 2
The visual sense of grains of sand passing through an hour glass is probably both the most symbolic and most powerful motivator to hasten things along.
Possessing Human Attributes.
The ubiquitous clock face, human attributes, face and hands, we unconsciously assign to time. It is the seeing and doing of all things set to numbers. It is not surprising that this representation of time first appeared at the dawn of the industrial age.  More recently we have Facetime. Is this the reverse of the clock analogy, human faces going digital?
Who says you can't turn back the hands of time. In your Face, Time!

Who says you can’t turn back the hands of time. In your Face, Time!

As a Season
You hear people refer to Springtime, Summertime and Wintertime, but I’ve never heard of Autumntime  or Falltime, try typing those two, spell check totally rejects the notion.  This is yet another reason  why Fall is my favorite season, its timeless quality.
A side note: Fall has decided to stay with us indefinitely. As of this posting we have seen only the tiniest dusting (Christmas day) of snow in these parts.  I cannot in good conscience change the header of this blog to the rightful Winter scene until it accurately depicts what you’ll see when you visit My Front Porch.
A Lifetime
The Gift of a Lifetime

The Gift of a Lifetime

Probably the most flexible in it’s measure, but the most precious of time’s assignations.
As a measurement

Hours, minutes, days…

In youth, an eternity. In old age, a blur.  Time as measurement is certainly a matter of perspective.

Time travel

As a balm

Time heals all wounds.

Is this a measure of restoration, human endurance or both?
As a possession or lack of one
We can gain or lose an hour, gain time/lose time.  We say,  “I don’t have time.” “This is my time!”
Where does time come from? Where do you keep “your” time?
As a memory – old times
Grandfather Time

Grandfather Time

Somehow time manages to take on a radiant quality in this context, a sort of rosy glow.
A very brief history of time..

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Reminder: It's lunch HOUR!

Reminder: It’s lunch HOUR!

See you all NEXT TIME! 

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