What’s Your Home Decorating Style? Ask Louie

Last seen wearing....nothing.

Last seen wearing….nothing.


Well hello again, this is Louie reporting to you live and continuing to thrive on Miss Leah’s other front porch.  Miss Leah has been very cross with me since my little excursion a few months back that took me to that place she calls Leah’s Front Porch, which has always been an intriguing mystery to me, so much so that I was finally compelled to go and see for myself.

I was hardly surprised, while my home front porch is much more modern and spacious, Leah’s Front Porch exhibits all of the homey, welcoming ambiance that makes Miss Leah’s surroundings uniquely and recognizably Miss Leah.  Which got me to thinking, what is it that lends that unique personal quality to what humans call “their space”?  Geese definitely have their own space, a space that for the most part contains only a couple of design traits that are pretty universal for geese…good bedding and a defensible location, I can say that I am no exception.  But humans seem to have more ambitious decorating schemes, they want their surroundings to reflect their personal style, whatever that is.

In an effort to evaluate that elusive quality that is personal style, I, Louie, in my usual scientifically methodical  way of delving into the great mysteries that surround humankind, have devised a series of questions that should clarify and possibly illuminate this issue.  I call this survey:


Please take a moment to record and reflect upon your answers, there will be a quiz. Oh, wait a minute, this IS the quiz.

1. When stumbling upon shag carpeting, your first response is:

 A) My, that would make a lovely Danish wall hanging.

B)  I’ll bet there’s awesome hardwood flooring under all that.

C)  Is this what they mean by “acid flashback” ?


2.  Mies van der Rohe

A)  I wish!

B)  I vant to be alone.

C)  Does that come with cushions?

3.  Avocado

A)  A mid century error in judgement. Probably due to all that radiation.

B)  I wish it would make a comeback.

C)  Guacamole anyone?


3.  Painting the walls white.

A)  But of course.

B)  Only if you live in an art gallery.

C)  I had no idea white came in so many shades.


4.  Reclaimed barn wood.

A)  As much as we can get. Spare no expense, I work for Google.

B)  Can I use Spic and Span on that?

C)  Barn rustling is the new cattle rustling.


OK, that’s it, short and sweet, but I do believe I’ve touched on most major decorating decisions, floors, walls, appliances and furniture.  Be honest, there are no right or wrong answers (yeah, right).  To determine your true decorating acumen, click on this link to see your own, VERY PERSONAL, evaluation.

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