Everything’s Amazing!

I recently had a night out in Reno and saw Dennis Miller live at The Silver Legacy Casino.  I haven’t laughed so hard in a very long time, and it got me thinking about how important humor is on this great stage we call life. No matter what doubts, fears and insults one lugs about as emotional baggage, there is nothing so sacred that it can’t be relegated, redefined or out and out dismissed by a good laugh.  Comedians, the good ones, are the pressure release valves of civilization.


From daily frustrations that sometimes make me forget how fortunate I really am, so aptly addressed here by Louis CK:



To the weight of self doubt that every human being takes on as they embark upon the sea of adulthood, brilliantly explained with awesome insights imparted by Jim Carrey:

Of course we all have our favorite pundits, and usually they align neatly with our already established beliefs, but sometimes, that rare sometimes, we are struck square in the funny bone by a single universal truth:

 Laughter is by far the best medicine.


Welcome to Leah’s Front Porch Summer Edition.

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