What Do You Do When It Snows?

Let it snow!

Let it snow!

It’s official! Our first snow is on the ground…and sticking…with more on the way.

Speaking for myself (and I always do), the first snowfall always brings out the kid in me. I have lived in snow country my entire life and I still feel that burst of energy that comes with first snow.

Here are some of my reasons why the first snow is always the best snow.

  • I know exactly where my favorite mittens, scarf and hat are stashed. They’ve been in the proper drawer for months.
  • My thermal underwear is clean.
  • My boots are new or like new… clean, leak free and sitting by the door calling to me.
  • I’ve been dying to try out my new winter jacket.
  • My cheeks are  rosy with the last traces of summer still giving me some color. Looks great with frosted eyelashes.
  • I can justify an extra cup of hot cocoa and another croissant. Gotta warm my innards!
  • The driveway doesn’t need plowing… yet.
  • The walkway doesn’t need shoveling… yet.
  • The truck doesn’t need chains on … yet.

For all of the above reasons, I have literally TONS more energy to go out and play with the critters. I love breathing the clean bracing mountain air after it’s snowed. Everything seems to fall silent. It just makes my heart sing…


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AND!!! the timing on this snowfall couldn’t be better for SANTA’S ARRIVAL IN GRAEAGLE!

Step up on My Front Porch tomorrow, Saturday December 7, for a free photo with Santa (you might want to include the kids as well). As usual Leah’s Front Porch will be the best vantage point for Graeagle’s Annual Holiday Parade and Festival, from 1pm – 5pm. Click on this link for all the details.

We’ll share some refreshments and stories about your first snowfall.  Even if you can’t make it, I’d love to hear your favorite snow stories.   Share in the comments section below.  Don’t forget to give a shout out to Louie…he’s not exactly enthusiastic about his favorite pond icing up at the moment…could use your warmest greetings.

Until next week….

Stay  tuned to Leah’s Front Porch.

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