Winged Migration

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Last week’s introduction of my main critter, Louie, became my number one most popular post in this Fall Series. We’re thinking about establishing a Louis the Goose fan club! Can a t-shirt be far behind?



Louie asked me to give a shout out to all his feathered friends who are now in transit from their Plumas County summer nesting grounds to warmer southern climes. Louie recognizes that he is one of the fortunate few who can afford to live the settled life, and so he wants to share with you a fond farewell to our abundant migratory population. Here are just a few.

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Fair winds, safe journey and safe return to all the birds of our paradise, Graeagle, California


P.S. Louie is well aware that the Audubon purists among you will notice that there are some non-migratory members of this cast. To this he says, “You try keeping a hawk out of a photo shoot, a pushy lot they are!” Oh and Louie would also like to mention that all the photos were donated by local photographer, Jivan Child.

And congratulations to our Do You Know Why It’s Called Indian Summer? Contest. Cinders1, will receive the 2014  Farmer’s Almanac for her beautiful observation.  Thank you, Cinders.

Leaves are fallen and raked, wood is split and stacked, gardens are mulched,  Indian Summer will soon be a fond memory.  I’m starting to get the distinct fragrance of cinnamon,  nutmeg and allspice wafting in the cool breeze.  Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away!  As you may remember, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Stay tuned to Leah’s Front Porch for some of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions and recipes.

Until then, light the fire, snuggle up and send me a thought or two.  I’d love to hear about your holiday traditions.  You’ll always find me on…

Leah’s Front Porch

2 thoughts on “Winged Migration

  1. Thanks to my friend Ann Graham for telling me about your blog. Very enjoyable, I never get tired of animal pictures and stories.
    Looking forward to more.

    • Thank you, Dianne, and welcome. There will never be a shortage of stories here, but if ever you need an animal fix, be sure to visit Louie the Goose. Just click on the Ask Louie tab and get the low down, Louie style.


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