Duck Duck….Goose!

The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg

The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg

Hello again, and welcome back to Leah’s Front Porch. Sometimes I like talking about myself in the third person, gets me a bit out of myself, a sort of step back so that I can see the big picture. This lets me see what needs to be changed and what is merely a passing phase. What doesn’t seem to change is the stage, where all things come and go, and in my case the stage is Leah’s Front Porch, the entrance to my business, the business of helping people find the perfect home. Whether that home is a permanent year round residence or a vacation retreat, a home away from home, Graeagle Associates will always offer expert guidance.

Long after investment strategies have come and gone, one single investment survives…it’s the investment in family, community and home that always yields the highest return. If you want to talk percentages, margins and profit, make an appointment with your CPA. If you want to talk about your children, your retirement plans, your love of the open space, mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, small town charm…well c’mon up and have a seat on Leah’s Front Porch.

The latest wave of real estate panic is finally receding. Why? Because people will always want a home. The #1 Reason to Buy a Home is… have a home. The value of a home is the life within it, therein lies the gold. To demand more than that is like the old fable,

Killing the Golden Goose:

A farmer, bent on doubling the profits from his land,
Proceeded to set his soil a two-harvest demand.
Too intent thus on profit, harm himself he must needs:
Instead of corn, he now reaps corn-cockle and weeds

Speaking of geese are we? Let’s bring this conversation back home again, to my home and one of it’s most eccentric and wise inhabitants. Folks meet Louie!

This is my good side.

This is my good side.

Louie, the goose, and his constant companion Clark, the duck, (Lewis and Clark…get it?) came to my home as

Louie and Clark

Louie and Clark

sweet little fledglings and have since become adored, if slightly aloof and demanding, members of the family. They patrol the perimeters with waddling efficiency and watchful diligence. Louie welcomes all us girls with open wings while reserving judgement on any male of our species until that man proves himself worthy.

See I told you Louie was wise!

Starting today, Louie will be a regular contributor to this blog in a section of his own called “Ask Louie”. Louie will address any topic, but his specialty is something he calls “Rural Etiquette”.   I’ll let him explain. Click on the link below to visit his page.

Ask Louie



Remember last week’s Indian Summer Contest?  That Farmer’s Almanac is still up for grabs.  Just comment at the bottom of the page with your favorite Indian Summer recollection and you’re in!

Bye for now, see you next week on…

Leah’s Front Porch

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