On my front porch…

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Hi ! Welcome!  My name is Leah West and I would like to show you around town, my town, Graeagle, California.

It just so happens that my front porch is situated right at the heart of Graeagle which is appropriate because Graeagle is my heart…the place I live, work and raise my family.

I hope that you will come to know and love Graeagle as much as I do, and who knows, maybe we’ll be neighbors some day.  In this blog you’ll find many reasons why Graeagle has been the favorite mountain vacation, recreation and second home destination of so many families…like yours.  But most of all I want to be your guide to the Graeagle I know, the Graeagle I see every day from

My Front Porch


Header image courtesy of Scott Chandler